You either love it, or you don’t like it. There seems to be no in between when it comes to this particular beverage.

I LOVE IT! Make no mistake, once upon a time coffee was not something I preferred or loved. There was an at minimum a decade gap in my coffee drinking. When I was young I loved second hand cold coffee – sugary sweet and served with milk. For some reason I could not find that same tasty coffee as a young adult, so I decided I didn’t like it. Somewhere along the way I figured out how to make a good cup of coffee (according to what I liked), and I am again a coffee lover!

There are so many ways to enjoy coffee. For every coffee connoisseur it seems there are many ways they enjoy their dark flavorful beverage. I had my favorite way – see above – but discovered dairy does not agree with me.  So I have tried many different ways since then to find that perfect flavor for me, without milk, half and half, or cream.  I had acclimated to just sweetened, black coffee, and it was good.

We had company not too long ago, and one of our lovely guests asked for cinnamon for her coffee.  Capturing the aroma of her morning brew, I was very interested in the flavor.  Needless to say, I tried this ingredient that morning and it has taken up permanent residence in my coffee routine. Almost like a cinnamon roll and coffee all in one, minus the caloric intake.


How do you like your coffee?



Do people really read blogs anymore? (Oh and dinner ideas….)

It is my hope they do!

I personally read articles that are often blog posts shared by numerous family and friends. There are many who are contributors to large commonly known publications and also have their own personal or business blogs. As I was thinking about this particular post, I wondered if anyone follows, reads, and comments on blog posts anymore.

Now, to the “meat” of my post.
I have come to remember that cooking takes time and planning. Time that as a small business owner/entrepreneur in the throes of building the business I seem to have little of. Resulting in eating out too much (which is not much of an option at this moment), or eating sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, and supper (which the husband is not a fan of after about three days). Thinking back to busy school days, and work (when it was outside of our home), I used to be able to make things in less than an hour. Some things were achievable in less than half an hour, and were tasty!

Today was a day I reverted back to a meal that takes about half an hour to prepare, and seconds to eat. Tacos are a food we love that also can easily be nachos if we have no taco shells, or transformed into burritos if we have flour tortillas. I like ingredients that can be made into many different things so leftovers can be fun! Sometimes recipes fluctuate depending on what we have on hand.  I do not buy prepared powder mixes for many reasons, primarily because I am cheap (oh wait, was I supposed to say thrifty? frugal?) and quite often forgetful.  I believe it all started when I forgot to grab a mix when I was at the store, and realized I had most of the ingredients in my cabinet – at least the ingredients I wanted anyway. The internet is a beautiful thing when you are needing a list of anything.

This is my version, my suggestion. Only you know what your family likes and will actually eat voluntarily. I list what I had available today, anything with an asterisk(*) to each side is something I usually use but is not included in today’s recipe, or I forgot. I do not list some ingredient amounts, because I believe this is a personal taste preference ingredient.



1 lb grassfed (and finished) organic ground beef
1 sweet yellow onion (chopped)
*1 red bell pepper (chopped)*
*1 fresh jalapeno (chopped with veins and seeds removed)
pepper (black or cayenne, or both)
garlic (fresh, powdered, your preference or what is handy)
chili powder

Today the ground beef was put in the pan frozen. Yep. I did not plan ahead. Ingredients in the pan include ground beef, onions, normally I would add the peppers at this point, and all of the seasonings. Yes, I am a rebel. I also don’t add water, and I don’t drain the meat when it is finished cooking. This goes back to a culinary class I took at the local community college, and the flavor is better. I pop the lid on and cook it over medium heat, stirring and chopping occasionally until done.
Some prefer tomato product in their taco meat, and that can be added at the end if you prefer, and your water to cook it with.  The flavor is wonderful either way.

Tonight I had a pot of pinto beans in the refrigerator I cooked yesterday. I warmed them up while making the taco meat. Some people preferred canned pinto beans because they are fast, some will only eat those made at home. “We” are flexible, and work with what we have. They can easily be refried if we choose that is what we like, or as is works great.  For shells tonight I had some corn tortillas I purchased that broke in half. So I fried them in coconut oil, and we had half tostada/tacos or whatever you prefer to call it. YUM!

Layer the following ingredients:
corn tortilla
*bell pepper*
*any other ingredient you like on tacos can be added – no limits!*

As I said, this recipe can be made into so many things. Salads, burritos, enchiladas, anything you like that includes beef with Mexican type seasoning. Use your imagination, that is what I do!  We have tried lots of different things, and some do NOT work for us. However, we have found many that do work so well and we love that. I hope this helps you, encourages you, and leads you to discover some things that you can do without premixed ingredients you might be used to. Dinner does not have to be an hour long ordeal if you are in a hurry, but it can still taste great!

Sincerely -D

P.S. Sometimes I get smart and make a mix out of the powdered ingredients.  Sometimes. When I remember. Which is not often. But I try!


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Thank you for stopping by! We are just giddy about this giveaway, and hope you are too.

Sincerely, D


Are you good with change? I thought I was.
I have discovered I am less of a go with the flow person than I thought. I am glad to know this, and I am really working on this with God leading the way.

Over the last year and a half, we have experienced many new things. Our daughter got married – we finally have a son(!), we found out we were moving,  daughter and her husband announced they were having a baby, we purchased a home and moved, they found out their baby had gastroschisis, the holidays, new year, grand girl was born mid March – early, God performed a miracle in all of us – especially her, son graduated with his bachelor’s degree and began working on his master’s, God blessed him with full time employment, and Retro & Redeemed seems to keep growing.

That is a lot of change in a very short period of time. I didn’t include the mundane, and things that I don’t have permission to share. We have a large family, and there is always something happening – usually happy and very exciting.  I have to say I have never leaned into the Father as much as I have this last year and a half. I have never made myself so vulnerable to Him, and cried out in the same way I have in this short time past. I didn’t understand why He had me walk away from things I knew He called me to. I didn’t understand why I had to move away from my parents and my husband’s parents (not far, but not as close as we have been either).  I think there are times when God knows we really need to just lean on and lean into Him. Nobody else. He knows how to make that happen in each of our lives.  For me it was moving me thirty minutes away from my parents, my husband’s parents, and church family, and forty to forty five minutes from our daughter. There has not been a song mean quite so much as the song Trust In You by Lauren Daigle in many years. I didn’t know it at the time, but God dragged me out to the cornfield so I would focus on Him. Listen to Him. Trust in Him. Give everything to Him.  No one else could walk me through what I went through, not the way I needed. The hard painful lessons, the loving and counting every tear lessons, the days/weeks/months/years when I sat in His presence reading His word, searching His heart. Asking for Him to reveal my ugliness, my weakness, my faults in all new ways. Shed light on all of the things I need to change, and knowing He is the only one to trust with that direction. I pray I never forget this time.  I pray I never stop looking for the nastiness I need to hand over to Him, and let him brush it off, wash it away, and make it clean.

So while all of this is going on, He blesses this crazy business venture of ours. More orders than ever before, new customers happy with their purchases, and a slow build. I hope and pray it all is an honor to Him. I am abundantly blessed to be able to share something I love so dearly, and call it work. I trust Him with it all. The answered prayers, the pain, the heartaches, the joy, but most of all I trust Him with every part of me. I enjoy waking up and giving it all to God each day, and striving to give everything my best.


From this person who has never enjoyed change, the changes have been oh so good. Bringing me to my physical knees has been the greatest blessing of my life.

Learning the Ropes

12249886_472102452972381_1976708678965231358_nI have always enjoyed working with my hands, crafting, and learning new things.  I learned how to crochet when I was a little girl watching my Mother make a gift for my Grandmother. I learned how to do some artistic things at home, at school, and with my friends at their homes. I learned how to sew from my mother, my grandmother, and I learned a few skills at school in Home Economics. Over the last few years I have been working on improving my ability to sew things. Making an effort to gather a variety of skills to be able to offer more than just a single select few things, and do them all  very well.

Upon trying to research and address some skin issues in our family, I researched and learned how to make some lotions, deodorants, and bath salts. I read several books, watched many videos, and finally asked a friend for some help and lessons on how to make cold process soap.  She so generously brought me into her home, walked me through the process, showed me step by step, explaining the importance of each step, and the reason for it. Then she sweetly fed me lunch while we discussed the difference between using all natural colors and essential oils, and using fragrance oils and artificial colors.  After receiving her help, I felt confident enough to try my hand at making soap by myself.

Learning how to make bows for my daughter’s hair, beaded socks for my friend’s children, baby blankets crocheted for sweet new babies, hats, knee cuffs, sewing bags, receiving blankets, burp cloths, bibs, jewelry, and so many other things that I have been encouraged and inspired to make.  I knew my love for making and sharing these things had to be for a purpose.

When money is tight, people become resourceful.  I have always loved going through craft fairs, craft and antique malls, vintage shows, and magazines seeing things I love. Even when I didn’t have a dime to spare.  I have always found a way to make things I have seen that I love so much, out of things I already have. There have been some things I have made, and thought I would rather pay someone else to make it from then on. Some things I have learned to make have been a joy to learn, and eventually put my own stamp on.

God’s timing was perfect in placing different people in my life willing to help me along the way, encouraging my efforts, and eventually pay for my time and work completed.  My husband has been my biggest supporter, encourages every project, he ends up helping me with quite a variety of things. My daughter and son in law also help me by offering their wonderful talents, which are many.  My Mother helped me sew a bunch of tote bags, and makeup bags before the very first Holiday Market Retro & Redeemed has ever had the privilege of participating in. Without every person God has placed in my life, this business and journey would be impossible.

So thank you.
Thank you to each person who has followed this journey, prayed for our family, supported us before there was ever anything that resembled a business. What a blessing you are, and continue to be to our family. What an encouragement and gift each person has been. We humbly express our enormous gratitude, and feel it still isn’t quite enough.

I am still learning. Learning how to do product photography, learning how to set things up to where they are more appealing to the eye, learning how to keep everything balanced: God, family, then the rest. Learning how to not make book keeping my full time job in all of this, and learning how not to forget orders, and those who have placed them. Coming up with a system that works has been a challenge for me, but working out the kinks has been a joy. Enjoying every moment we have to share working together.

We are abundantly blessed.
Sincerely ~ D

1 Corinthians 16:14 Let everything you do be done in love [motivated and inspired by God’s love for us].


Activities and Sales

Things have been incredibly busy, and a lot of fun.  We have been able to enjoy extra time and celebrations with our family over these last few months. What a joy that has been!

On the business end, there have been a few custom orders that have been placed and completed during this time.  Sharing those with you was on my mind, the keys hadn’t clicked to make it happen. Today is the day! I am posting some pictures for a better idea of some of the things we have made, and will have available.  The pictures being shared today are all textile in nature, but specifically clothes.

Thank you for stopping by,  you are a blessing!


Fourth of July Embellished Onesie – 18 month  ~  These are available now Tie Only – $15  ~  Size Newborn – 24 Months


Fourth of July Embellished Onesie – Size 12 Month  ~  These are available now Tie and Suspenders – $22 Size Newborn to 24 Months


Boy Sun Suit with Embroidery Embellishment – Size 6 month


Watermelon Pillowcase Dress – Girl Size 2T


Watermelon Pillowcase Dress – Size 12 month ~ T-Shirt with tie Applique – Boy Size 5


Back of Watermelon Ruffle Bum Bloomers – Size 12 Months


Fun Spring Knot Dress – Size 18 Month


Princess Summer Top – Girl Size 7


Christmas Nutcracker Knot Dress – Size 6-12 month ~ Bow Tie – Boy Size 5


Christmas Knot Dress – Girl Size 5

Getting things up and running….

Here it is, finally!
The website is up and running again.

Me administrating a business website experience = it was expensive, and hard for me to maintain.
Deciding to go back to the blog format was not an easy one, thankfully it IS easy to do.  Until I am able to get some professional website help, this page will be updated with new and upcoming items available for sale, details about upcoming events. For purchases email and Paypal will be used at this time.  I will place a PayPal button/widget over on the side for ease of paying for items ordered, and purchases. This will be a fun adventure, and I hope you are ready for the ride!

Thank you for stopping by!
D (owner)