Do people really read blogs anymore? (Oh and dinner ideas….)

It is my hope they do!

I personally read articles that are often blog posts shared by numerous family and friends. There are many who are contributors to large commonly known publications and also have their own personal or business blogs. As I was thinking about this particular post, I wondered if anyone follows, reads, and comments on blog posts anymore.

Now, to the “meat” of my post.
I have come to remember that cooking takes time and planning. Time that as a small business owner/entrepreneur in the throes of building the business I seem to have little of. Resulting in eating out too much (which is not much of an option at this moment), or eating sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, and supper (which the husband is not a fan of after about three days). Thinking back to busy school days, and work (when it was outside of our home), I used to be able to make things in less than an hour. Some things were achievable in less than half an hour, and were tasty!

Today was a day I reverted back to a meal that takes about half an hour to prepare, and seconds to eat. Tacos are a food we love that also can easily be nachos if we have no taco shells, or transformed into burritos if we have flour tortillas. I like ingredients that can be made into many different things so leftovers can be fun! Sometimes recipes fluctuate depending on what we have on hand.  I do not buy prepared powder mixes for many reasons, primarily because I am cheap (oh wait, was I supposed to say thrifty? frugal?) and quite often forgetful.  I believe it all started when I forgot to grab a mix when I was at the store, and realized I had most of the ingredients in my cabinet – at least the ingredients I wanted anyway. The internet is a beautiful thing when you are needing a list of anything.

This is my version, my suggestion. Only you know what your family likes and will actually eat voluntarily. I list what I had available today, anything with an asterisk(*) to each side is something I usually use but is not included in today’s recipe, or I forgot. I do not list some ingredient amounts, because I believe this is a personal taste preference ingredient.



1 lb grassfed (and finished) organic ground beef
1 sweet yellow onion (chopped)
*1 red bell pepper (chopped)*
*1 fresh jalapeno (chopped with veins and seeds removed)
pepper (black or cayenne, or both)
garlic (fresh, powdered, your preference or what is handy)
chili powder

Today the ground beef was put in the pan frozen. Yep. I did not plan ahead. Ingredients in the pan include ground beef, onions, normally I would add the peppers at this point, and all of the seasonings. Yes, I am a rebel. I also don’t add water, and I don’t drain the meat when it is finished cooking. This goes back to a culinary class I took at the local community college, and the flavor is better. I pop the lid on and cook it over medium heat, stirring and chopping occasionally until done.
Some prefer tomato product in their taco meat, and that can be added at the end if you prefer, and your water to cook it with.  The flavor is wonderful either way.

Tonight I had a pot of pinto beans in the refrigerator I cooked yesterday. I warmed them up while making the taco meat. Some people preferred canned pinto beans because they are fast, some will only eat those made at home. “We” are flexible, and work with what we have. They can easily be refried if we choose that is what we like, or as is works great.  For shells tonight I had some corn tortillas I purchased that broke in half. So I fried them in coconut oil, and we had half tostada/tacos or whatever you prefer to call it. YUM!

Layer the following ingredients:
corn tortilla
*bell pepper*
*any other ingredient you like on tacos can be added – no limits!*

As I said, this recipe can be made into so many things. Salads, burritos, enchiladas, anything you like that includes beef with Mexican type seasoning. Use your imagination, that is what I do!  We have tried lots of different things, and some do NOT work for us. However, we have found many that do work so well and we love that. I hope this helps you, encourages you, and leads you to discover some things that you can do without premixed ingredients you might be used to. Dinner does not have to be an hour long ordeal if you are in a hurry, but it can still taste great!

Sincerely -D

P.S. Sometimes I get smart and make a mix out of the powdered ingredients.  Sometimes. When I remember. Which is not often. But I try!


2 thoughts on “Do people really read blogs anymore? (Oh and dinner ideas….)

  1. Becky Martinez says:

    I don’t know why I haven’t seen your blog posts before! I think we have some version of tacos/nachos/burritos at least once a week here because it’s super quick and easy, and my kids would probably eat it every day. Haha! I love making my own seasoning mix, too, and keeping it in a little mason jar in my cabinet:)

    Liked by 1 person

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