You either love it, or you don’t like it. There seems to be no in between when it comes to this particular beverage.

I LOVE IT! Make no mistake, once upon a time coffee was not something I preferred or loved. There was an at minimum a decade gap in my coffee drinking. When I was young I loved second hand cold coffee – sugary sweet and served with milk. For some reason I could not find that same tasty coffee as a young adult, so I decided I didn’t like it. Somewhere along the way I figured out how to make a good cup of coffee (according to what I liked), and I am again a coffee lover!

There are so many ways to enjoy coffee. For every coffee connoisseur it seems there are many ways they enjoy their dark flavorful beverage. I had my favorite way – see above – but discovered dairy does not agree with me.  So I have tried many different ways since then to find that perfect flavor for me, without milk, half and half, or cream.  I had acclimated to just sweetened, black coffee, and it was good.

We had company not too long ago, and one of our lovely guests asked for cinnamon for her coffee.  Capturing the aroma of her morning brew, I was very interested in the flavor.  Needless to say, I tried this ingredient that morning and it has taken up permanent residence in my coffee routine. Almost like a cinnamon roll and coffee all in one, minus the caloric intake.


How do you like your coffee?



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