Getting to Know You

Retro & Redeemed is a Boutique offering primarily handmade vintage style and retro style children’s clothing.  Our hope is that each limited edition line released will become an heirloom piece in your collection, to be handed down from generation to generation. This business and love has been a dream of mine for a long time. As far back as I recall there has been someone in our family crafting, creating, building, or learning something new.  My Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother were Czechoslovakian immigrants.  Once here in Texas, he made a living upholstering furniture.  A few years ago I was gifted the sewing machine he used for his work.  What a wonderful gift, made even better in that it still works! My Grandmother, one of his daughters, has always been an excellent seamstress, a source of encouragement, and wonderful teacher of all things sewing.  She, my mother, and the home economics teachers at school all taught me how to sew. I am so thankful to have learned many different excellent skills from each one of them.

This business is a combined effort, I could never do this alone. My husband, number one fan, and the main source of all support – is the best.  I am thankful for his encouragement, his ideas, and even his blood, sweat, and probably tears (unseen by me).  He can take any crazy idea I have and make it a reality.  When I need a setup for a craft show, he is the one doing the heavy lifting, the sawing, the assembly, and makes it look wonderful. He patiently listens to my ramblings when I am trying to work out something, or make it makes sense to me. Often he sheds light on things I am clueless about. A true partner in every area of my life!
My mother is also a huge supporter. She helps with altering patterns, design issues, design ideas, how to make something easier (YES!), and is such a huge help to the bag making process. Her engineering brain is often a lifesaver with patterns, and things that don’t seem to fit quite right. SO thankful for the gift of my mother!
Our daughter is my designer, my right hand, she is learning how to sew, and helping me see that all the fabrics in the world are not needed by me. Her main priorities are being a wife to our son (no in laws here – he is our family now too), and mother to their daughter – our sweet grand girl. She also kindly teaches me how to use social media, helps with technology, and just overall a wonderful knowledge base.

So we often have three generations working on things all at the same time. There are times that we are even all working on them in the same place. This has been quite an adventure, and it sure has been fun. I am hopeful it continues in the same way!  Maybe four generations? Haha!

Keeping God at the center of everything; we also love food, creating things, and marveling at our family & friends ability to do the same.  Our hope is to share all of the above, and so much more with you. We are Retro & Redeemed.

Written By: D

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